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Viking 42-in. BI Side-by-Side Refrigerator/Freezer-Custom Panel

Range hood





Mode Number:



42" x 26 1/4" x 82 3/4" (Depth without Handles)


ProChill Temperature Management
ProChill Temperature Management System with variable speed DC Overdrive compressor. Single compressor system includes the quietest compressor available. Electronic controls provide precise temperature management with digital readout.

Electronic controls maintain even temperatures within one degree F to keep food fresher longer
Odor Eliminator Evaporator removes odors and excess humidity
Maintenance-free Super Clog Resistant Condenser prevents dust and other airborne particles from clogging the condenser

The Latest in Spill Control Technology
New Spillproof Plus Shelves with Nano technology create an invisible barrier to contain spills and maximize usable space. 3/8" thick tempered glass shelves provide industry leading durability.

New LED Lighting
Bright, energy efficient LED lighting from top and sidewalls.

Filter-Free Freshness
The Plasmacluster Ion Air Purifier uses ions to eliminate airborne bacteria and mold spores, remove odors and enhance food preservation. Plasmacluster is a trademark of Sharp Corporation

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