We carry more than 100 styles of stone slabs,  providing a wide range of options to meet multifarious remodeling needs. Matching countertops, kitchen islands, and backsplashes are in stock.

Natural or engineered stone slabs with various edge options.  

Available in quartz, quartzite, granite, composite granite, and marble.  

Matching countertops, kitchen islands and backsplashes are in stock.  

Slab selection is available after purchase.

Please note that the same style of stone can have some variations in appearance.
To make sure that you are satisfied with the slab, you will be able to pick it out in our stone warehouse. 

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    Quartz is an engineered stone. It is durable, antimicrobial, and maintenance-free. Quartz’s non-porous surface blocks liquids and stains from penetrating through the stone, and therefore, quartz countertops do not have to be sealed. As quartz is manmade, its slabs usually have a uniform pattern.

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    Quartzite is an abundant metamorphic rock. It occurs naturally when sandstone or chert rich in quartz experiences heat and high pressure. Quartzite is typically made of more than 90% quartzite; some can get as high as 99%.

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    Hard, heat-resistant, and scratch-resistant, granite is a popular choice for kitchen countertops and islands. As a natural stone, each granite slab has unique colors and patterns. Granite’s renowned durability and its variety of colors make it ideal for kitchen uses.

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    Composite Granite

    Composite granite is manufactured with 95% natural stone and 5% resin. Resistant to heat and scratches, composite granite is incredibly durable and nearly indestructible. As it is non-porous, it does not require sealing for maintenance.

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    Marble is one of the most popular choices when it comes to natural stone countertops. Elegant and luxurious, marble countertops usually have larger patterns with unique veining than granite. Marble is porous, and therefore, protecting marble countertops against etching and staining is required with periodical sealing.

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    Big Slabs

    Looking for XL-sized slabs?
    As large as 73"x120", our collection of slabs presents a stunningly seamless pattern and provides unparalleled flexibility for multifarious applications.

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