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VIDEO: How to Install Toe Kicks for European Cabinets

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

A toe kick is the small, recessed space between the bottom of your cabinets and the floor. At KZ Kitchen, we offer two types of toe kicks -- aluminum toe kicks and matching color wood toe kicks. In this article, we will go over the process of assembling them.

Aluminum Toe Kick

You can find the hardware needed for the installation from the pack of accessories that comes with your cabinet. Take out the aluminum toe kicks, toe kick clips, toe kick connectors, and ABS legs.

Step 1: Start with the ABS legs

ABS legs are put under a cabinet to support the toe kick. The height of the ABS legs is adjustable with a range of 4.5” - 5 ¼”.

Attach the spline to the ABS legs. Then do the same to all the legs.

Step 2: Attach the toe kick clip

Turn to the side where the rails are showing.

Attach the toe kick clip to the middle rails. Twist the clip 90-degree so the lines are parallel to the rails. Now it’s stabilized and able to slide smoothly.

Step 3: Install the toe kick

Press the toe kick to the ABS legs. In the actual installation, you would need to put the ABS legs under the cabinets before attaching the toe kick to the legs.

Note that the side of the sliding rubber should be placed on the bottom.

Step 4: Connect the toe kicks

Bend the connector 90 degrees. Adjust both toe kicks and attach them to the connector.

Now the aluminum toe kick installation is finished.

Wood Toe Kick

Installing a wood toe kick is similar to installing an aluminum toe kick. The major two differences are there is no connector and you will need to screw the toe kick clip onto the toe kick.

Attach the spline to the ABS legs. Connect and align the toe kick clip with the legs.

Now that the toe kick installation is complete, it will better protect your kitchen and make it longer-lasting.

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