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Common Hiccups to Avoid During Bathroom Renovations

By Alex Capozzolo

Whether you are a new homeowner, a veteran homeowner renovating your home, or flipping a home, renovating can be an exciting time. You get to be creative and look forward to a fresh new home or a fresh new room. One of the most popular and important rooms to revamp is the bathroom. With everything from paint to a new showerhead, there are a lot of small things that can be done to make a bathroom look larger and brand new! There are some common issues that renovators can run into while creating a new bathroom in their home and below we list a few of the most common.

Mold Build Up

All of your exciting new renovation plans can be put to an immediate halt if you find mold build-up anywhere in your bathroom. Mold can be the result of several other costly problems that can not only be a problem for your bathroom and also your health. Mold can cause problems for your lung health and many other problems. If you discover mold you should also make sure there are no leaks anywhere else in the bathroom by checking all of the pipes. Once all of the mold is removed and taken care of it will then be safe to renovate.


Although the main goal of the bathroom renovation is aesthetic, it is unwise to ignore what you can not see, which are the pipes. It is important to make sure the pipes don’t have leaks. These leaks can lead to a mold problem which is mentioned above. Renovators should also check to be sure that the pipes are properly placed in the walls and under the sink and that they are not old and corroded. It is also important that the pipes are not blocked. To make sure the pipes are properly placed to code it would be best to hire a professional plumber before you begin renovations.

The Layout

When renovating your bathroom, before you begin changing the size of the sink or creating more cabinet space, you have to be mindful of the layout. The layout has to line up to make sure the toilet and bathroom fit properly.

An improper layout leads to several problems. These problems could be not enough room for storage, not enough room for the toilet, or even the pipes not being properly aligned with the sink and or the toilet. Not to mention the layout should be made for the best comfort for everyone.

These are just a few of many hiccups that can put a dent in your bathroom renovations. There are several more issues that can turn your bathroom renovation into a disaster especially if it is a do-it-yourself project. To better protect you and your family from things like mold, bad pipes, and more, hiring a plumber or a contractor to check on these things before the start of your renovation would be highly beneficial. It would keep the process of revamping your bathroom an exciting experience.

Alex Capozzolo is a partner of Henry Buys Homes, a real estate company in Jacksonville, FL. He has been writing for the real estate industry for several years. Henry is a licensed agent that operates in the Florida market.

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