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Things to Know before Purchasing Kitchen Cabinets

Renovating a kitchen is an exciting undertaking, but with so many selections and styles, choosing the right kitchen cabinets can also be overwhelming.

To help you get started on your dream home efficiently, we’ve compiled a list of things you should prepare and consider before speaking with a designer or beginning your project.

1. Prepare a measurement for your consultation

Have a clear vision of what your new kitchen would look like and bring accurate measurements of your kitchen. Without this information, it will be hard to get an accurate plan. You can obtain a measurement of your kitchen by hiring a contractor or measuring it out yourself. If you do not have a contractor, we recommend following our kitchen measurement instruction to gather the information. The best tip is to be as prepared as possible.

What you need to measure:

  • Wall to wall length

  • Ceiling height

  • Window size with trim included

  • Appliance sizes (refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher)

  • Wall to stove center

  • Sink preference/installation type (under-mount or farmhouse sink)

  • Range hood (under cab or microwave hood)

2. Set a budget for your renovation

a. Finding the best cabinets on a budget for your project will require some research. Whether you’re planning a big kitchen remodel or simply upgrading an outdated style, you’ll need to consider choosing stock, semi-custom, or custom cabinets.

b. Stock cabinets typically are pre-assembled but usually are limited in color and style and have no modification options. This is the best option for people with tighter budgets.

c. Semi-custom cabinets fall in between stock and custom cabinets. This option offers standard sizes that keep prices low and options for modification. Keep in mind that kitchen cabinets might account for at least half of a full kitchen renovation budget depending on your selection.

At KZ Kitchen, we provide pre-assembled cabinets tailored to our customers’ renovation needs and preferences. About 20 styles with a wide range of standard sizes are available.

3. Meet with a designer

As the main focal point of your kitchen, the cabinets you select will set the tone and play a major role in transforming your space. Our designers will provide a free 3D drawing and estimate based on your budget and selection. With so many different cabinet styles, some cabinets may include different upgrades (Lazy Susan, wine racks, spice drawers, etc.), so be sure to ask about these options when your designer is drawing out your plans for your kitchen.

Custom countertops, kitchen islands, cabinet handles, sinks are also available. Please let our designers know if you have any preferences on the complementary elements. [Need some tips on matching cabinets with countertops, flooring and other components? Check out: A Complete Guide to Matching Kitchen Components.]

4. Questions to consider

At KZ Kitchen, we offer a broad selection of accessories and upgrade options, including pull-out trays, roll-out trays, Lazy Susan, spice racks, trash bin cabinets, wine racks, drawer organizers, and more. To ensure your new kitchen will meet all your needs, here are a few questions to consider before your purchase.

  • Do you prefer more cabinets or drawers?

  • When do you need your cabinets? Installation date?

  • What design would you like for your front cabinet door (wood panel or glass)?

  • When do you need your cabinets? Installation date?

  • Are there any built-in organizers (Lazy Susan, pull-out shelves, etc.)?

  • Are there any available upgrades (wine racks, spice drawers, etc.)?

  • Do you want the upper cabinets to match your bottom cabinets?

  • When do you need your cabinets? Installation date?

Given this information about your remodeling project, our designers will be able to understand your needs quickly and help you create a kitchen that meets your preferences. If you are ready to get your remodeling project started, please feel free to visit one of our stores and meet with a designer. Walk-ins welcome. We look forward to helping you soon!

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