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The Benefits of Prefab Quartz Countertops

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

When selecting stone countertops, you would have likely come across both prefabricated (prefab) and slab options. Both are made of stone, but with lower cost, higher durability and a wide range of options, prefab countertops, especially quartz countertops, have become one of the most popular choices for home remodeling.

What is a prefab countertop?

Prefab countertops are countertops that have been cut to certain standard dimensions before being delivered to distributors. This means they only come in specific sizes and shapes, but depending on customers’ needs, prefab countertops can later be customized during installation.

Selecting the right piece that matches your kitchen helps set the tone.

Benefits of prefab countertops

Even though prefab countertops have limited sizes and shapes, its advantages in price, design, and installation has made them stand out.

Lower price

Prefab countertops are pre-cut to standard sizes, so they can be manufactured in large quantities. Therefore, they are significantly cheaper than custom slabs. As they are cut into the most popular and useful lengths, if your remodeling project follows standard sizing, prefab countertops can save you labor cost as well.


With different edge options, prefab countertops can be installed easily without extra cutting or customization. Convenience of installation make them perfect for residential and commercial projects.

Prefab countertops can also save you the wait dramatically thanks to their large quantity. While custom stone countertops can take weeks or even months to come in, prefab countertops can be available immediately if distributors have them in stock.

A wide range of options

Some people may assume prefab countertops only have limited options due to its sizes and shapes. However, having predetermined sizes does not necessarily indicate fewer options in patterns or designs. At KZ Kitchen, we offer more than 90 styles of prefab countertops, with four prefab sizes for countertops and seven sizes for vanity tops.

One of the prefab countertops that has been soaring in popularity is quartz. Compared with granite, marble, and quartzite [The Difference between Quartz and Quartzite] ,which are natural stones, quartz is man-made and has a lot of unique benefits.

Variety of appearance

A major advantage that prefab quartz countertops have is their variety of designs. Manufacturers can create pieces of any combinations of patterns and colors with pigments, giving flexibility in design options.

With a rich variety in appearance, it is always easy to find a quartz countertop that matches perfectly with your cabinets and flooring. As quartz is engineered, it usually has a uniform appearance, which can keep your kitchen design more consistent.

Easy maintenance

The finishing of quartz countertops makes them very cohesive. Quartz is non-porous and antimicrobial, which means it will not harbor bacteria or viruses. This makes it much easier to clean the countertops, helping to keep your space sanitary.

Quartz also has better resistance to stains and scratches than granite, marble, and quartzite. It stands up to a wide range of stains from sources such as oil, wine and coffee. For natural stone, frequent sealing is required mostly because substances can seep through the pores and cause permanent stains, but without a porous surface, sealing is not necessary for quartz.

Finding the right countertops will add great aesthetic and practical value to your kitchen. With their own advantages, prefab quartz countertops can be a good remodeling option for your kitchen.

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