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Fotile 24-in. Single Oven

Image by Sanibell BV



Model Number:


Size (W x D x H):

23 7/16" x 21 3/4" x 23 7/16"


Baking effect: Unique hot-air filter design, constant interior temperature; Use five heating tubes that cooperate with different power; 3D convection fan, not easy to form a dead angle; 104-482℉ constant temperature creates more cooking possibilities.
Humanized design: Damping the hinge, when it reaches 60 degrees, the door will automatically close; The grill/bakeware is designed to prevent scalding due to rapid pull-out; LED screen, easy to control temperature and time; 2-layer LOW-E coated glass door ensures that the exterior door is not hot.
Energy efficiency: The A-level energy efficiency allows our oven to consume less energy than a traditional one.

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