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Fotile 30-in. Gas Cooktop, 4 Burners, 18000 BTU Tri-Ring Left Burner

Image by Sanibell BV



Fuel Type:

Natural Gas


Model Number:

30" x 21" x 6"

Size (W x D x H):


Exclusive MoonShadow Grey Designer Color with Frosted Matte Anti-Glare Glass Finish

Features Frosted Matte Anti-glare glass, resistant to fingerprints and water stains, setting a unique standard in appliance aesthetics.
Rapid High Heat Tri-Ring Burner

Benefits: Allows versatile cooking options, from quick boiling to gentle simmering, achieving perfect results for diverse cuisines.
Seamlessly Sync Function with Select FOTILE Range Hood

Facilitates easy utilization for both the cooktop and range hood, automatically activating the range hood when the cooktop is in use.
Ergonomic Burner Layout Maximizes Efficiency

Benefits: Maximizes cooking efficiency by utilizing space effectively, is easy to maintain, and offers flexibility for various cooking utensils.
Stylish Cylindrical Knob

Provides ergonomic and safe control over the cooktop, preventing accidental burns, and ensuring user comfort.

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