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Hauslane 30-in. 600 CFM Island Range Hood

Range hood




Range Hood

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29 1/2" × 23 1/2" × 19-1/2" - 38"


Perfect for heavy-duty cooking methods including high levels of heat and smoke; boiling, steaming, poaching, braising, frying, searing, and sauteing
Full stainless steel canopy-style range hood to maximize cooktop coverage
Dual-controls for easy operation with energy-saving LED lights to illuminate all of your cooking needs
Energy-saving, GU10 LED lights with standard 5000K light color for a daylight glow
Delay auto shut-off function means you'll never have to remember to turn off your range hood again
Baffle filters' deep groove design catches grease drip before it can make its way onto your cooktop or even worse, your food
Low-maintenance: simply remove the stainless steel baffle filters and place; customize performance and noise-level with variable 3-speed settings

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