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Fotile 36-in. 1200 CFM Under-Cabinet Insert Range Hood

Range hood




Range Hood

Mode Number:



35 1/8" × 13 5/8" × 24 13/16" - 34 11/16"


Max Equiv. CFM: 1200
34dB Min. Noise Level
Powerful PMSM Motor
Auto Height Adjustment
Touch + Motion Gesture Touch Free Operation
Boost Mode
2-Min Delay shutoff
3 Speed Settings
- Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) - Higher performing motor compared to other DC motors. Providing higher torque, efficiency, & reliability.
- Automatic Height Adjustment - Dynamically lower or rise the Capture Shield to improve overall cooking conditions
- Versatile Installation - The built-in design offers a hidden appearance when not in use, providing a high-end and unobtrusive look to your kitchen
- Motion Activation - Effortlessly summoned design activated by motion or a wave.
- Sync Function with Cooktops - Simplifies cooking tasks for quicker and more convenient operation. Pairing is a seamless process, ensuring a stable connection.

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