What Kind of Flooring is Right for You

September 16, 2017



What Kind of Flooring is Right for You?

Floors are sometimes termed the "fifth wall" of a room. There's little doubt that what you
put under your feet has great impact on the beauty and function of the space. Some rooms
are well-suited for the kind of sink-your-toes-in comfort that lush pile carpeting provides,
while smooth surfaces and easy-to-clean finishes are perfect for kitchens and baths.
No matter what your style choice, you want your flooring to be attractive, durable and
cost effective.

Planning a Remodel the Right Way

If you're thinking about renovating your kitchen, chances are you have already begun to
think about the new layout, the type of cabinets and countertops you prefer, even the
appliances, plumbing fixtures and lighting that will best meet your needs and reflect your

But what about that fifth wall?

Are style and appearance uppermost in your thoughts? Or are you concerned with the
practical -- mopping up spills and keeping the surface pristine and hygienic? What about
comfort? They are all important concerns and you should definitely be aware of the
common characteristics of popular flooring materials.

Hard surfaces like stone and tile can be hard on the feet and back if you must stand for
long periods of time, and they can chip or crack. Wood is beautiful, long-lasting and is a
popular improvement to add value to a home. It is an investment, to be sure; natural wood
requires ongoing care, but it can also be refinished if necessary. Laminates are hardy,
available in myriad styles and finishes, and are quite budget friendly. In the end, though,
it's a personal decision.

What Is Your Style?


Sometimes it's hard to settle on a single style. That's okay -- sometimes an eclectic mix
can sometimes be more interesting than adhering to a single design standard. With the
range of options available to homeowners today, you might choose a sleek and dramatic
Euro-tech cabinet style, shiny stainless appliances and add a gleaming dark wood floor.
On the other hand, a mellow-toned distressed flooring would look great paired with
painted cabinets, gleaming quartz counters and trendy new black stainless appliances.


We offer a wide range of flooring options in natural hardwood, easy-care engineered
woods, and laminate. All can be suitable for the kitchen, or even for a bathroom, and
we'll help you make the best decision for your home. We also stock more than 50
varieties of slab granite and other natural stone, and ceramic tile for both back splashes,
bathroom applications and flooring. At KZ Kitchen Cabinet & Stone, we not only have
great ideas and pictures for design inspiration, but we have a showroom full of actual
samples that you can see and touch. Our virtual design capability will let you look over
your completed kitchen before we do any actual work.

We partner with trusted manufacturers, maintain a huge stock of cabinets, countertop
material and flooring, and with our affiliated full-service construction company, we can
take your project from initial design phase to final completion with professional ease.
Why not give us a call to schedule a visit to one of our five convenient design centers?
When you dream about a stylish new kitchen, or want to talk about updating a bathroom,
think KD.

Coordinating your Choices

There are no hard and fast rules about where to start planning your kitchen remodel, but
the popular online design site Houzz has some helpful suggestions about how to plan and
organize your ideas. The recommendation is to first start thinking about how you use
your kitchen and then prioritize your needs -- for space, for storage and for equipment.
Then proceed to collect pictures and ideas from random sources. Only then should you
start to organize your favorites into categories.

Take as long as you need for this initial planning stage. When you have sorted products
and materials into categories, you can begin to do some independent research. Sketch out
a preliminary design, take accurate measurements, consult with professionals, and start
thinking about the dollars you want to spend. The important thing is to arrive at a point
where you have a general picture (in your head, or on paper) of what the completed
project might look like.

From there, it should be easier to define your style, develop a realistic budget, select
materials, work with your chosen designer and contractor, and move on to actual
construction and completion.

It really doesn't matter whether you select cabinets, appliances or flooring first. What
does matter is that you select each one with an eye toward how they all fit together
to enhance the character of the room.

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