Top 10 Best Selling Stone

March 18, 2017



Let's see what are the top 10 best seller stone at KZ Kitchen. If your counter top falls into one of the following colors, congratulations, these are the all time favorites of almost everyone! If you choose something else, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It just means you have a unique aesthetic taste.


No.10 Empress Gold



Empress Gold is a pinkish granite. Many female customers would come in and ask for pink color. Different shipment of empress gold varies rather significant. We recommend you come in to KZ and check how pink it is current time.


No.9 Stormy Grey


Stormy grey is quite popular these days. It is a quartz with some design in it. From afar, you will get a modern look. But when you look close you would see some unique patterns.


No.8 Peach Blossom




A lot of people might think granite are pricey to some extent. But Peach Blossom is one kind of granite that saves you money but also gives you the durable functions. Another reason why people like it is its pinkish color.


No.7 Kashmir White


Kashmir White is a grey and beige color combination with some purple dots on it. Its pattern adds more of a natural look to your kitchen you seemed to be able to look at its formation process. Very interesting stone pattern to look at every day. No wonder many people decide to take ti home.


No.6 River White

People loves white color so much that they look more white counter top a lot. When customers come in, we always direct them to River White and they never get diappointed. It has the pattern and flow of the river.


No.5 Dark Grey



Grey color is so popular in home decor right now. Grey color is getting more and more fondness by our customer right now. So we too carry two grey cabinet styles now. Like Light Grey, Dark Grey is also the durable Quartz.


No.4 Light Grey

 Light Grey Quartz would add a modern look to your kitchen. It goes very well with white cabinets.


No.3 Crystal White

 "When I first work here, I was told that this granite is the best seller. And it is true! Everyday customers stop by asking information about it. The "sold" stickers are all over these stones." ---By KZ team member


No.2 Snowy Pebble

 Snow White is definitely a great alternative for people who love the quartz pattern but minus the sparkling. It goes harmoniously with almost every American style cabinets. 


No.1 Icy Star


It would be a very strange day if no one come to pick up the quartz Icy Star that day. Icy star is by no means the best seller products. It is quartz so it needs low maintenance.  It has the sparkling quartz mixed inside, so no matter what angle you look at it, it looks sparking and add more starry feel to you kitchen.



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