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rumi akter
May 25, 2022
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Many people use the word as a feeling ('I feel fat'), when it is really Industry Email List just a physical description. Nothing more and nothing less. Normalize the word 'fat' This puts it in a negative light, despite this being just a description, just like 'thin'. Only 'thin' is seen as an ideal of beauty in our society. While 'fat' has many negative associations. Normalizing Industry Email List the word 'thick', as we do with thin, can eventually lose its negative connotation. Have you ever heard of the term 'validism'? Most people should google it first, while it's still a Industry Email List common exclusive mistake in texts. Validism is a term for the discrimination and marginalization of people with disabilities on the basis of their physical and/or mental condition. Examples of this are 'she is disturbed', 'he is Industry Email List blind to the consequences' and 'she is retarded' as well as the sentence 'that situation is really sick'. In these examples you link limitations to negative situations. One World gives the Industry Email List following example in their article : “A powerful man who has sex with women who don't want to is not disturbed: he is a rapist.” So call it what it is and leave out the unnecessary restrictions. 2. Sexuality: Differences Industry Email List and Uniformity Within the category of sexuality and/or sexual orientation, it is mainly about the language that ensures that all genders are treated equally. For example, in the sentence 'Welcome ladies Industry Email List and gentlemen' you exclude a large group that does not identify itself as male or female. Take the broadcasting messages of the Dutch Railways as an example and use Industry Email List the gender-neutral 'Welcome everyone'. What often (unconsciously) is associated with a gender are the Dutch professional terms . We have a female and male variant for almost every job. While a Industry Email List person's gender often doesn't matter at all in the labor market. For example, stop writing 'director', but call everyone a 'director'.
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