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Fotile 36 in. 1300 CFM Wall Mounted Range Hood





Range Hood

Mode Number:



35 7/16" x 20 1/2" x 25 7/16"


Max EQUIV. CFM: 1300
34dB Min. Noise Level
Motion Gesture Touch Free Operation/ Touch Screen
5-Min Delay Shutoff
Powerful DC Motor
2 Speed Setting + Auto
- Capture Shield Technology: Experience accelerated smoke extraction with optimized Coanda Effect
- Auto Turbo Mode: Smart sensors monitor cooking fumes in real-time, automatically adjusting fan speed for optimal extraction
- Self-Clean Function: After 20 hours of use, fans run faster than turbo mode for 30 seconds
- Simplified Oil Filter: A secondary filter captures residual grease, extending the life of powerful DC motors
- Updated User Interface: Witness the skyline width changes on the control panel echoing speed settings, while the dual-color skyline breathes and flashes in automatic mode, creating a sophisticated technological ambiance
- Sync Function: Streamline cooking tasks effortlessly. The seamless pairing process ensures a stable connection, providing quicker and more convenient operation

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