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Cafe 30-in. Electric Cooktop, 5 Burners






Mode Number:



29 7/8" x 21 1/2" x 3 3/8"


5 Radiant Cooking Elements
Prepare more at the same time with five radiant cooking elements that deliver rapid, consistent heat.
Sync-Burners Capability
Evenly heat large cookware like griddles or dutch ovens by controlling two 7" synchronized elements with just the touch of a button.
Power Boil
Tailor your burner size to your cookware with an 9"/7"/5" element that's powerful enough to boil water quickly.
Keep Warm Setting
Serve every dish at the perfect temperature thanks to a keep warm setting on a fully-functional 6" element.
Melt Setting
Melting just got more precise - Melt butter without browning it using the melt setting.
Flexible Burner Sizes
Flexible burner sizes add more function - Tailor your burner size to your cookware with an 8"/5" dual element.
Control Lock
Safety controls add peace of mind - Prevent unintended burner activation with control lock capability.
Hot Surface Indicator
Keep your kitchen accident-free with a hot surface indicator light that shows you with a glance when elements are too hot to touch.

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