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Robam 30-in. Gas Cooktop, 4 Burners

Range hood





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30.7" x 21.3" x 2.8"


CONTEMPORARY BLACK GLASS SURFACE: Make a statement in your kitchen with our premium ceramic cooktop with large powerful elements.
TWO LARGE POWER BOIL ELEMENTS: Features two 9 in. 2300-watt power boil element to accommodate larger pots and pans for daily cooking and culinary exploration. This cooktop also comes with two 6.5 in 1,200-watt element for slow and light cooking.
EASY TO MAINTAIN: The ceramic glass surface is very easy to clean. Just one simple wipe and you are done.
TRIPLE SAFETY PROTECTIONS: Prevent accidental burns with our hot surface indicator so you don’t touch the cooktop when it is still hot. This cooktop also comes with an automatic shutoff mechanism to stop elements from overheating. Made with high quality glass material to resist strong impact.

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