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Fotile 30-in. 800 CFM Under-Cabinet Range Hood

Range hood




Range Hood

Mode Number:



29 13/16" × 22 1/16" × 8 5/16"


Combi-Vent: Flexible installation with direct venting or recirlatory venting as an accessory.
CFM Adjustment Technology: Comply with local CFM ordinances with pre-set CFM settings
WhisPower Technology: Maximises the CFM power of your range hood due to filterless technology and comfortable working sound
Due to our WhisPower Technology, FOTILE is able to capture a higher CFM than actually published by excelerating smoke and grease extraction with our CaptureShield Technology. Air speed and power are increased as we capture smoke and grease in the Golden Collection Zone and pass it through our centrifugalWhisPower motors.
An Intelligent Air Management System monitors the kitchen's air for noxious fumes or gasses and if detected, the range hood will automaitcally turn on and vent out of the house. Once the monitoring system senses clean air, it will aiutomaitcally shut off the range hood.

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