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Fotile 30-in. 1100 CFM Under-Cabinet or Wall Mounted Range Hood

Range hood




Range Hood

Mode Number:



29 7/8" × 18 7/16" × 17 7/16"


Max EQUIV. CFM: 1100
38 dB Min Noise Level
Stir-fry Mode
Dual DC Motors
5-Min Delay Shutoff
MoonShadow Grey Designer Color with Frosted Matte Anti-Glare Glass
Elevate your kitchen aesthetics with a low-profile, high-end color, and enjoy a range hood that's easy to keep looking pristine.
Stronger Yet Quiet
Enjoy a powerful and quiet kitchen ventilation solution with a robust 1100 CFM, effectively eliminating smoke and odors without disturbing your peace.
Motion Activation
Convenient and touch-free operation, making cooking more enjoyable and effortless.
Automatic Capture Shield Technology (90 degrees)
Breathe easy as it efficiently captures and contains smoke, maintaining a fresh and safe cooking environment.
Fingerprint Resistant Finish
Say goodbye to constant wiping and embrace a spotless kitchen every day with simplified maintenance.

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